Customer Service

The basic materials of this topic are based on the following development of service concept:

  • 1990.  SERVQUAL: 5 Elements of Customers’ Expectations (reliability, tangibility, responsiveness, assurance, empathy).  This was quite a comprehensive concept.  but the booming of the application of total quality management set SOP (standardized operating procedures) on top of everything.  Service was robotic everywhere, and this went until 2004.
  • 2004.  Branded Customer Service: 7 spiritual values (love, warmth, care, empathy, intuition, creativity, mystery).  Developed by Janelle Barlow (USA) & Paul Stewart (New Zealand).
  • 2007. Customer Engagement.  Developed by Bryan K. Williams (USA).

The emerge of the new concepts was triggered by what happened to the world post 9/11 where people become more sensitive, and we have to listen more, be more flexible, and engage our customers.  Dinah Day (USA) first gave a new name to the world as "New Normal" world in 2004.

Additional range of titles for this topic is as follows:

  • Compalint Handling
  • Call Center Service Skills

Our service is tailor-made with the following steps:

  • Service Questionnaire
  • Module Development
  • Training Conduct
  • Reinforcement Programs

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